Pest Control in Buckinghamshire

Domestic Pest Control

Pest Control in Buckinghamshire

B-Discreet is the leading pest control specialist in Buckinghamshire that works with both commercial and residential customers.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team at B-Discreet have the leading industry-standard qualifications and many years of experience helping private householders and business owners across Buckinghamshire with their pest problems.

Not only do we offer emergency pest control to help you tackle issues such as wasps nests, or a sudden rodent infestation, but we also offer long-term pest control solutions for businesses that want to keep their premises pest-free all year round.

We can provide you with a rapid response when you need us in an emergency, or you can work with us in a long term partnership to keep your business premises pest-free with a regularly scheduled inspection and safe bait traps that are environmentally friendly and pose no health risks to your

Ongoing contracts

Depending on the type of business you run, we can work out a mutually agreeable, discreet schedule where we will visit your premises to carry out our services at a time that suits you.

B-Discreet already works with many of your neighbouring businesses in Buckinghamshire, so you will be in the best of company when you start to work with us!

We offer annual contracts that can be tailored to meet your individual needs. If you run a catering business such as a pub, restaurant, cafe or food production operation, we understand how important it is for your business that your premises remain pest-free.

You can make use of our expert pest control services to eradicate any current pest infestation you have, such as mice or cockroaches, and then we can help to reduce the risk of any further infestations with our environmentally friendly pest prevention solutions.

Residential and commercial emergency pest control

Both homeowners and business owners will occasionally need a fast-acting emergency pest control service. B-Discreet are here for you no matter where you live or work in the Buckinghamshire area!

We are often called to safely remove wasps nests from homes and business premises, which are especially risky for anyone allergic to wasp venom and can suffer an anaphylactic shock when stung by a wasp.

A lot of people suffer from rodent problems where rats or mice may invade their homes or outbuildings. Rats and mice pose a particular health risk as they constantly leak urine wherever they walk. Their urine can contain bacteria, parasites and pathogens that can infect humans. For example, rats can carry infection risks such as arenavirus, capillariasis, leptospirosis, rat tapeworm, salmonellosis, toxoplasmosis and many more!

Our expert team at B-Discreet can tackle everything from excessive bird fouling issues to live infestations of crawling, biting or stinging insects and rodents.

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly Buckinghamshire-based team when you need us. We are here to help!

Jobs done in Buckinghamshire

Rat problem, Buckinghamshire

We were called to investigate a possible rat problem from a customer who had seen a rat in his garage. One of our technicians examined the garage and outbuildings and found a lot of rat activity that indicated a problem. Rats had been feasting on some bird feed that the house owner kept in a shed next to the garage. We successfully eradicated the rat problem and advised the customer to keep all seeds and bird food in sealed metal containers to prevent any rats from returning.

Squirrels in a loft in Buckinghamshire

A concerned customer gave us a call after hearing noises coming from the loft. They suspected rats or mice, but instead, we found squirrels. Luckily, it didn’t appear that the squirrels had been there long enough to cause any serious damage. We discovered how they entered the loft, and the opening was sealed up. The customer arranged to have an overhanging tree cut back to stop them from jumping onto the roof.

Bed bugs, Buckingham

A lady called us after noticing she was being bitten at night while sleeping. She didn’t think her home had fleas, so she suspected bed bugs. We inspected her home and confirmed bed bugs after finding some hiding in the folds of the mattress seams on her bed and in her curtains. We successfully treated the problem, and the lady no longer has any bed bug issues.