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Pest Control Wellingborough

The Best Pest Control in Wellingborough

High quality and cost-effective pest control is just a phone call away when you contact the experienced team at B-Discreet. Operating in and around the Wellingborough area, we provide a wide range of safe and effective pest control solutions for both businesses and homeowners.

Finding a pest on your property can be extremely challenging. You might have seen the tell-tale signs of rats or mice in your kitchen, for example. Or maybe you’ve noticed strange-looking insects that might be cockroaches. Perhaps you’ve got a wasp nest nearby that is causing major issues or pigoens that are out of control. While some DIY approaches work, it’s often much better to get a trained pest control team in at times like this, especially if you don’t want things to get out of hand.

Pest Control for Homeowners in Wellingborough

The first thing many homeowners try to do when they discover a pest problem is to solve it themselves. A DIY approach can sometimes work but with many pests, it never really eradicates the whole problem. At B-Discreet:

  • We offer an affordable and complete pest control solution that is effective.
  • Our team are highly trained and very experienced at dealing with everything from rat and mice infestations to wasp nests, cockroaches, ants and other insects as well as problems with birds such as pigeons.
  • Our pest control solutions in Wellingborough are safe and carried out according to current government guidelines. Our processes are all pet and child friendly which gives you complete peace of mind.
  • We provide a free assessment and survey for all our customers. The price we quote is also the price you pay with no hidden fees to give you a shock when we’ve finished the job.

Commercial Pest Control in Wellingborough

Many of our customers are business owners in and around the Wellingborough area. We work with restaurants and cafes, bars and hotels, residential homes and retail to help solve their pest problems. Our team are ready at a moment’s notice to respond to emergencies but can also provide on going solutions as well as audits and risk assessments for new and established businesses to help ensure that problems are kept to a minimum.

Finding that you have a pest problem is a major test for any business. It may not only affect the health and safety of people who work in and visit your operation but can also do quite severe damage to your reputation if things get out to the wider public. That’s why we’re focused on providing a discreet service for our customers, ensuring that we take a low-key approach and solve the problem with a minimum of fuss.

What Type of Pests Can B-Discreet Help With?

For both homeowners and businesses, our team cover all levels of pest infestation. That includes dealing with cockroacheswaspsbird fouling and bird controlratsquirrel and mice problems. Not only can we help solve your immediate infestation but we can also advise on how to keep future problems under control or prevent them from happening again.

Certified Pest Control in Wellingborough

From East Barton and Finedon to Mears Ashby and Wollaston, our expert team operates across the whole of Wellingborough and the surrounding region. All our operatives are certified through NPTA, BPCA, RSPH and are Basis registered.

We believe in being discreet and handling pest problems in a no-nonsense way so that you can get back to living your life or getting on with your business in complete peace of mind. If you have an intrusive pest in your home or business, contact the team at B-Discreet today for a free, no-obligation quote.

Rat control in Wellingborough

B-Discreet Pest Control was contacted by a gentleman that had moved into an older property with a cellar. He was dismayed to discover that he had a rat problem in the cellar and noticed a fresh-looking hole in one of the walls. During our inspection, we confirmed that the hole was being used as an access point by rats. We found a broken drain outside the property close to where the hole was. We treated the problem with an effective pesticide, and the owner had the drain fixed and the hole filled.

Wasp control, Wellingborough

B-Discreet Pest Control had a call from a worried mum about a wasp nest in her garden. One of her children was allergic to  wasp venom, so she wanted the problem taken care of ASAP. Using protective clothing and fast-acting pesticides, we quickly and efficiently eradicated the wasps. As wasps never use the same nest twice, the lady’s children wanted to keep the spent wasp nest to use in a show and tell lesson at school.

New maintenance contract, Wellingborough

A new takeaway shop owner hired us for ongoing pest control maintenance. The premises had been standing empty for some time. After an inspection, we uncovered and successfully cleared out a well-established cockroach infestation before the new shop owner moved in. We continue to monitor the premises to keep the business operating pest-free.

Bed bug eradication, Great Addington

We helped uncover the cause of a young mum’s insect bites. The customer thought she had fleas in the house but couldn’t find any evidence of them. We inspected the home and discovered that the mum had been bitten by bed bugs living in her bedroom. It was thought the bugs came into the house with a second-hand bed the lady had been given. We treated the bed bug problem with meticulous detail and followed up afterwards to ensure they had all been eradicated.

Wasp nest removal, Wellingborough

We were called to a customer in Wellingborough who discovered a wasps nest in an outbuilding in their garden. The family had young children and pets, so they were concerned for their safety while playing in the garden. Our team used protective clothing and specialist equipment to treat the nest. Once the treatment had worked, we removed the wasp nest and swept up the dead wasps to put the residents’ minds at ease.

Pest Control Wellingborough

The Best Pest Control in Wellingborough

For anyone living or working in the Northampton area, it is interesting to know that Northampton Borough Council does not offer a pest control service! So if you are having a problem with pests in either your home or your workplace, it can be reassuring to know that you can turn to B-Discreet Pest Control for our assistance with your pest problem. While keeping your home or workplace clean and tidy can help to reduce to risks of pest infestation, if you suspect you have a problem with either rodent or biting or stinging insects, you should get in touch with our friendly team at B-Discreet.

Signs of infestation

If you think you may have a problem with mice or rats in your home or business, have a look around your property and see if you can spot any clues such as:

  • A musky smell
  • Damage and gnawing
  • Droppings
  • Footprints
  • Holes and burrows

If you find any holes around your property, but think they are too small for a rodent to access, remember that a young mouse can pass through a hole that you can push a pencil into. Check your air bricks to see if they are in place or have any damage. You shouldn’t block up your air bricks, but if you spot signs of any disturbance, rodents could be entering your property this way.

Insects and rodents can also use access points around electricity, gas and water pipes, so check to see if you can spot any droppings or footprints from rodents or any sign that ants, wasps or other insects are getting in through any gaps.

Check any drain covers for damage as rats tend to live in sewers and this could mean that there may be damage at the point where your drains meet the sewer.

Experienced pest control service

If you live or own a business in the Northampton area and need the help of a local, experienced pest control specialist, then our team at B-Discreet are the people to turn to. We have extensive experience with all types of pest control and have become the go-to pest control company in the Northampton area for both domestic and commercial customers.

We carry full insurance and our team are highly trained in the control of all types of pest infestation. Our services cover:

  • Biting insects: bedbugs, fleas etc.
  • Crawling insects: cockroaches, garden/tropical ants, beetles etc.
  • Flying insects: wasps,  flies, moths etc.
  • Rodent control: rats, mice, squirrels etc.

Emergency and ongoing pest control in Northampton

Be-Discreet Pest Control is here for you should you need our emergency services (like wasp nest removal). We can quickly arrive at your home to deliver our emergency pest control services to rid your home of pests, no matter what type of infestation you have.

Here at B-Discreet Pest Control, we specialise in emergency and ongoing commercial pest control that helps to keep your business safe and secure all year round, and your working environment free from disease-carrying invaders.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our team who will be happy to discuss your pest control problem and sort out a quick solution for you.

Commercial pest control Wellingborough

For business owners in the Northampton area, especially for those involved in food and catering, you will need to act fast to rid your business of rodents or other pests. The consequences of delaying treating your pest problem could be devastating for your business, so do not delay getting in touch with us as soon as you spot any signs of a pest problem on your premises.

Environmentally friendly options

We understand that many people are now looking for environmentally-friendly pest control solutions to their pest problems. This is especially important for homeowners with ponds or wants to attract local birdlife to their gardens.

Our team at B-Discreet work very conscientiously, so we will always offer you the most environmentally-friendly solution possible to help with your pest problem.

When working in family homes with children and pets, we are always mindful of using the most family-friendly techniques and tools that don’t put your children or family pets at risk.

How we will help

If you suspect you have a pest infestation in your home or business premises, you can call in our specialist team to help you. We will send one of our pest control experts to inspect your home or business premises, identify the pest and recommend the most appropriate treatment to use.

Our specialist will explain everything you need to know about the process of eradicating your pest problem and give you a rough estimate about how long it will take for you to be free of them.

For Northampton residential customers, you may have family or pets around, so our pest control expert will consider this before recommending any particular pest control method. In some cases, you may need to remove your pets from your home while your house undergoes treatment, but this will depend on the type and nature of your pest infestation.

Treating your garden or outdoor space

Wasps and can become a problem if they build their nests in your garden or any outdoor space around your business premises. While it isn’t recommended for you to attempt to remove wasp nests by yourself, you can bring in our experts to do this for you.

Attempting to destroy or remove any nests by yourself could cause the wasps to swarm, which can be dangerous to anyone with an allergy to wasp venom. It makes more sense to bring us in to safely clear away wasps as we have the right equipment to deal with this problem.

You can quickly feel safe again by using B-Discreet Pest Control Services in Wellingborough.

Happy Clients About Us

Recent Jobs Completed by B-Discreet Pest Control in Northamptonshire

Cockroach eradication, Northampton

B-Discreet Pest Control was called to eradicate a cockroach problem from commercial premises that new owners were taking over. On inspection, we discovered a cockroach infestation covering all life stages. We agreed on an effective treatment plan with the new owners. We completely eradicated the pest problem and put ongoing control measures in place to ensure the problem doesn’t return.

Flea control in Northampton

B-Discreet Pest Control received a call from a landlord that found evidence of a flea problem after their last property inspection. Our team discovered that a pet cat had brought fleas into the house. As the property was empty, we quickly and efficiently treated the home with an appropriate insecticide preparation to eradicate the problem before the landlord let the property to new tenants.

Rodent control, Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest Control was called to a family home after the owners heard scratching and scuttling noises coming from their loft. On investigation, we discovered a nest of mice had taken up residence in the loft insulation. We removed the nest and set non-lethal mouse traps to capture the mice on the homeowners’ wishes. We thoroughly inspected the loft to identify the entry and exit routes used by the mice, which were then sealed up.

Wasp nest removal, Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest Control was called in to help a householder with a nest of wasps. The wasp nest was situated under the front porch floor, and the resident was bothered by the wasps when entering and exiting his house. We treated the nest with an appropriate pesticide that is fast-acting and non-contaminating and is safe to use on nests buried in the soil.

Rat control in Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest Control was called out to a property on the edge of town that had an outbuilding. The owner saw a rat run across the floor and into a small hole in the outbuilding wall. On inspection, we found evidence of rats present in the roof, and they had accessed the roof space through a broken drain and pipe. We eradicated the rats, and the drain pipe was repaired, and a rat barrier was fitted to the drain.

Bed bugs in Northampton

B-Discreet Pest Control was contacted by a bed & breakfast owner after a guest complained of being bitten during the night. The owners suspected bed bugs, which we confirmed on closer investigation. It can be easy for guests to carry bed bugs into hotels and guesthouses on their clothes, person, or luggage. Despite the B&B being immaculately clean, bed bugs can be a problem for everyone. We treated the whole premises with an environmentally safe IGR insecticide and agreed to monitor the premises to resolve the issue.

Woodworm control in Northampton

Woodworm is common in the UK but can often go unnoticed for a long time. We were called to a customer who was getting their Christmas decorations from the loft. They noticed small holes in the beams and wood dust on the loft insulation. Luckily, we caught the problem early before it could do much damage. We identified the woodworm type and treated the infestation appropriately.

Mouse problem in Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest control Northampton got a call from a previous customer. This time it was after seeing a mouse shoot through a hole in the wall at the back of their pantry when they opened the door. We found that mice had built a next under the staircase and accessed a small hole to feast on pantry foods. We treated the problem with bated mice boxes, and once they were gone, the owner steam cleaned the pantry so it could be used safely again.

Flea control in Northampton

B-Discreet Pest Control Northants had a call from an itchy customer complaining of tiny bites on her legs. We found that her cats had brought fleas into the house, and they had taken hold in the bedroom where her cats slept and had quickly spread to most of the rest of the house. We treated the house three times with an appropriate insecticide to match the flea lifecycle and ensure we got them all. The lady and her two cats are now flea-free!

Squirrel control in Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest Control was called to help a lady who could hear scratching and scuffling noises in her loft. On inspection, we discovered a couple of access holes under the eves of the house and signs of squirrel activity. Two squirrels were trapped and safely released away from the property, and the entry holes were sealed up. Squirrels can cause a lot of property damage, so it pays to have any strange noises coming from your loft checked out ASAP.

Rat control in Northampton

B-Discreet Pest Control was called in by a group of concerned neighbours in a block of maisonettes after discovering rats in their shared waste bin containment area. The residents were worried that the rats could carry diseases that could affect their health. We found a nest of rats underneath the hard standing beneath the bins, and we quickly eradicated the problem with an effective pesticide treatment. The residents had the bins sterilised, the area cleaned, and the hard standing fixed to help prevent the problem from reoccurring.

Ant control in Northamptonshire

B-Discreet Pest Control helped a family to get rid of an ant problem in their home. The family had ants crawling through their kitchen cupboards, and they had no idea where they were coming from. We discovered a couple of ant nests under the decking in their back garden, close to their kitchen wall, on further inspection. We set baited ant dishes in the kitchen cupboards, and the problem was quickly eradicated.